Concurrent Database Manager Description

Concurrent Database Manager is a new and exciting application from ESC Trading Systems that allows users to simultaneously execute SQL command(s) on multiple database servers in just a few clicks.

Built on .Net platform in C# language a simple, but rich Windows Form GUI interface gives users the ability to achieve increased productivity previously attainable only by writing elaborate scripts. Concurrent Database Manager helps users to make sure all their database schemas, stored procedures, and data are in sync.

Among others, the features of Concurrent Database Manager include the following:

  • Execution of SQL command(s) on multiple database servers in parallel

  • Currently Concurrent Database Manager supports

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 / 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2012 / Azure

    • MySQL 5.*

    • Sybase ASE 11 / 12 /15

  • Support for many more major databases such as Oracle, UDB, DB2, Microsoft SQL 2000, Open Ingres, etc. will be added soon

  • Two execution modes: either via C# (ADO.NET) or via vendor’s SQL utilities such as sqlcmd, isql

  • Ability to run SQL command(s) either synchronously or asynchronously

  • Ability to execute SQL command(s) against heterogeneous databases servers

  • Easy setup/maintenance of user’s existing database connections

  • Sophisticated built-in mechanism to group database connections

  • One-click-away bulk testing of user’s database connections

  • Built-in archiving of the executed SQL command(s) in History

  • Along with original input SQL command(s) History also retains the execution’s output

  • Simplicity of use

  • All the features could be used on a single database server either with multiple databases or even a single database