Concurrent Database Manager Download

Concurrent Database Manager's code distribution is done using ClickOnce technology from Microsoft.

The latest stable version of Concurrent Database Manager is 1.22

Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Vista are supported along with some other Windows platforms.

Free evaluation version details:

This download is free and does not require you to provide any personal information.

This is the evaluation version of Concurrent Database Manager. It is exactly the same as the full version of Concurrent Database Manager except that it allows you to work with only one database server of your choice and is limited to a 15-day evaluation period, valid from the day of the first use.

At any time during your evaluation period or after it's expiration, you could purchase the full version of Concurrent Database Manager by selecting "Products" option from the top menu and clicking on "Buy Now" link.

To start Concurrent Database Manager's download, please click on the following download link and press "Install".